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Dubai is one of the world’s top hubs for expats, thanks to its status as an (almost!) tax-free emirate that combines both the glitz and glamour of a huge, metropolitan city, with the serenity and beauty of the beaches on its doorstep

Shopping, fine dining and a luxury nightlife scene attract expats from all over the world who are looking for a place to enjoy the finer things in life, with the serenity and beauty of the beaches on its doorstep.

Dubai is blessed with a tropical climate and seemingly permanent sunny skies thanks to its position near the Tropic of Cancer.


Personal crime rates are low in Dubai, and expats are quick to note that they feel very safe in the Emirate, with a visible and friendly police presence.

You can raise a family here, easily assimilate into a community and even buy property and land — something usually restricted for foreigners in the Middle East.

Prices from 106.000€

Dubai is growing fast, and now is one of the best times to invest with Azizi Developments and Pisos con vistas a la playa SL

Below are a few of the reasons why.


  • Expo 2020

Dubai is holding the next World Expo. Set to kick off in October of 2020, the Expo will bring together more than 180 nations and will have an international audience of 25 million visitors. Right now a huge number of off-plan properties are currently in

the design and construction stages targeting the Expo 2020. By all estimations, the property values which have been falling will soon bottom out, after which the market will grow. People who are savvy enough to start buying property now will see significant

returns in the future. Serious buyers who have been keeping track of the market conditions have already begun bargain

hunting and searching for the perfect properties at best prices.

  • Tourism

Through 2030, the UAE is scheduled to invest over $300 billion in new tourism-related infrastructure. Spurring private development, a 10% municipality fee has been waived for new hotels opening before June 2017. Dubai is an urban retreat,

a futuristic city that towers over the Arabian Desert. Dubai is the only place where you can find the world’s biggest dancing fountain; highest building (Burj Khalifa); first and only 7-star hotel (the Burj al-Arab); largest man-made islands (the Palm Islands);

and largest native flower garden (the Miracle Garden).

  • Dubai South

Dubai South is a master planned city offering world-class community living within an urban environment. Their exquisite design distinguishes the painstakingly planned communities, excellent build quality, and include a full range of amenities,

with all aspects of life taken into consideration, from work and play to fitness and education, all within a 10-minute walking radius.

  • There are residency visas for property owners.

The biggest benefit of buying property in Dubai is that you can become eligible to get a resident visa based only on your property investment (There are certain requirements which you need to match first)

  • No annual property taxes.

Investing in Dubai real estate is entirely tax-free. Whether you are buying a retail unit, office space or even a residential space, no tax is placed upon you regardless of your nationality.

  • Security

Among the many advantages of buying property in Dubai, one is the sense of safety that residents of Dubai enjoy. It’s one of the primary reasons why people find it easy to come to Dubai to start their new lives.

  • Good Capital Appreciation

We all know that in real estate or any investment, it is all about timing. That is the case with Dubai’s housing market. For example, the project Al Majara. Investors who bought into this project at the time it launched in 2006 had to

pay an average of AED 763 per SQ. ft. The average selling price ten years later in the same project is AED 1,609 per SQ. ft. The growth in the property sector represents a capital appreciation of 111%. Many projects across Dubai have witnessed similar capital growth.

These are just some of many reasons to invest in Dubai. With such innovation and commitment towards the citizens that you find here, you can only imagine how much your property investment will prosper in coming years in Dubai.

Life in Azizi Victoria Downtown

The New Azizi Victoria will offer residents a taste of the unmatchable British lifestyle, from its charming living spaces to its vibrant streets filled with a variety of excellent retail options. Azizi Victoria is easily accessible via Business Bay, Sheikh Zayed Road,

Al Khail Road and Meydan Road. It is also well connected with several key RTA projects, including bus/metro/rail lines and bicycle paths.

The modern and sophisticated apartments offer the best in design and amenities without compromising on being inviting and warm, understanding the need for a clutter- free and fuss-free clean living. With seamless balconies and floor to celling windows

you never miss out on the stunning views.

 To enhance the community feel, buildings will be set on shared podiums, allowing for great community amenities likes playgrounds, swimming pool, BBQ Area, Lounge and seating area, indoor and outdoor fitness, badminton courts, jogging tracks etc.